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This series goes Beyond The Abstracts, featuring behind the scenes conversations with researchers and educational practitioners in language learner autonomy or related fields.

In this Beyond The Abstracts conversation I speak with Jing Yun. Jing is studying for a Doctor of Professional Practice in TESOL at International Education Institute, University of St Andrews. She obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics with TESOL at the University of Sheffield and a second MA in Cultural Studies at KU Leuven. Her research interests include intercultural communication, task-based language teaching, learner autonomy, and language advising. Jing also recently published a protocol for a scoping review of advising in language education, about which we speak. We cover her personal route into her research theme, the rationale behind a systematic literature review of this field, and her first-hand experiences with methodological issues such as question development, data extraction, and protocol writing. We also cover definitions and geographical distribution of language advising, the roles of personalisation and learner differences, and the relationship between advising and autonomy. This conversation will be essential viewing for anyone with an interest in these areas.

And now, here is my conversation with Jing Yun:

Learn more about Jing Yun’s work here:

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